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Business with MILES

Real Estate Coaching, Canberra. Increase your real estate agencies efficiency and income through our training and workflows. Services Australia wide!

Our name “Business with MILES” very simply states what we are about. Business with More Income, Lifestyle, Enjoyment & Success. If this is what you are seeking from your Real Estate agency, than we would love to work with you to achieve the results we believe business owners deserve! Based on the significant benefits we have added to our existing clients, we are so confident that you will see great value results from our services that from the second month we work together you pay no fee unless you are totally satisfied with the results. That is our rock solid guarantee!

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Many Real Estate agency business owners will tell you that what they need more of is ‘income’.  There are several ways to get more income, ranging from finding inefficiencies in the business systems and processes, cutting actual costs, or “scaling up” your business. Once we know what is important to you we will work with you to review your business, explore a little further, and help you find solutions to increase your bottom line!


Many Real Estate agency business owners will also say that their business is having a negative effect on their lifestyle. If lifestyle is important to you, we will look at systems, processes, outsourcing, better utilisation of existing staff and many other options that may be able to be adopted or improved. We will then help you make changes so that you can achieve the lifestyle you were seeking (for both you and your family) when you went into business!


Many real estate business owners decided to go into business as they were working in a job they loved and were very good at. Once they became the business owner, they then found they were bogged down with work that was not enjoyable and not what they wanted to be doing. If this is your concern, we can look at ways to improve your business so either you spend less time on the jobs you don’t enjoy, or so that others do these jobs for you and you can get back to the tasks you do enjoy!


We all know no one goes into business to fail, but many do not get the success they desire. This is not because they plan to fail; it is mostly because they fail to plan! If your business has not given you the success and security you seek, we can work with you to design your future and put you back on track to achieve your dreams!

We do the MILES.

 Fran has successfully coached real estate agents in Canberra, Sydney, Adelaide, Albury-Wodonga, Wagga Wagga, Orange, Dubbo and the South Coast and Central West of NSW.

They are willing to go the MILES to help you achieve your goals.