How to choose a Real Estate Coach, Mentor, or Advisor

How to Choose a Real Estate Coach, Mentor, or Advisor

It is now well known that most successful, and fast developing, real estate agency principals work with outside people. The question for most agency principals looking for growth is not should they speak to an outside person. It is “How to choose a real estate coach, mentor, or advisor, and how do I know if they qualify?”

It is a very personal descision. Whoever you work with it is critical that they feel right for you. Below is some explanation, and considerations, if you are looking to decide how to choose a real estate coach, mentor or advisor.


They are willing to invest their time and energy in you over the long term – they want to see you succeed. These are the people you can turn to, with confidence, when you need guidance – personal, practical, professional. It could be they are a family member, a past manager, or a friend who have had relevant experience.

How do they qualify?

–              they have achieved a similar level and/or type of success you are aiming for

–              they have gained your respect for this, and other achievements

–              you are willing to be honest with them about what you expect and how you are going overall, not just business

–              you are willing to accept feedback from them openly, without feeling a need to defend yourself

–              you trust them, based on their values, experience, and your mutual respect

–              they need to be close enough to you to know how things are really going



These are independent people who focus on your specific aspirations and business and/or personal goals with you. They work with you to assist you to define your life and/or agency goals and then help you take practical steps to achieve these. Just like a sports coach, they are there to help you improve your performance, by drawing out your full potential, to get the best results that you can. It is unlikely a family member or friend is the best choice for this role.

How do they qualify?

They are willing and able to:

–              help you develop your own goals and plans – not advise you on what they think

–              meet with you regularly and reliably – preferably in person – and hold you accountable

–              be prepared to ask you difficult questions at times, possibly some you are avoiding asking yourself!

–              help you explore options and solve problems in your own way

–              respect your trust, so that you can openly, confidently, and honestly discuss ideas with them

–              demonstrate that they have helped others achieve similar results to what you are seeking

–              show testimonials, or referees, if they have not been recommended to you

–              Have recognised formal coaching skills and be focused on their own ongoing personal and professional development



Advisors are people with specific skills, knowledge and qualifications who draw on their own expertise and experience to help you make informed decisions within your real estate agency. E.g. Real Estate agents, Marketing specialists, accountants, etc.

How do they qualify?

They should:

–              be respected by both you and within their relevant industry

–              complement your skills and knowledge, be strong where you are weak – you don’t have to be an expert on every front

–              have significantly more knowledge and skills in the area that they will advise you in then you have yourself, and they will challenge you if necessary

–              be qualified or certified if required by law, or expected, and in their area of expertise

–              Have recognised skills and be focused on their own personal and professional development